Nourished Inspiration Postcard Graphic Design


Nourished Inspiration Postcard Graphic Design

Nourished Inspiration is an educational source of information on real food, real learning, real support, and real results. Studio RTP designed this postcard for the company to hand out to potential clients who are interested in reforming their diet and overall health. The postcard is designed in a way to make the two most important messages stand out: the benefits and what the customer will learn. Secondary to that information is a short bio on the company owner, testimonials from past attendees, and contact locations for each of the events. The design is consistent from front to back, represents the Nourished Inspiration brand in both color palette and photo selection, and places the important contact information in an easy to find location on both sides of the card.
Services Provided:
  • Postcard Graphic Design
  • File Preparation
  • Print Production
  • Delivery

Jun 16, 16

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