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Websites are dead. It's time for an online business.

Screenshot of Web Design using Content Management System (CMS)

Though Studio RTP is truly a sucker for form, the company feels strongly that function must come first. As a team, our designers and developers collaborate to maintain the highest level of web standards and coding practices in every project. Extremely detail oriented, Studio RTP is committed to providing clients with websites that use the latest in innovation and design, while still maintaining the integrity established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Studio RTP took advantage of an opportunity to partner with an Adobe company called Business Catalyst. Business Catalyst is a state-of-the-art content management system (CMS) that makes website maintenance simple (even for users with little to no web programming experience). Through Business Catalyst, Studio RTP now offers customer database management, blogs, forums, social media integration, email marketing, and much more, all in one simple, easy-to-use system. Learn More.

If you like what you see and are excited about your project - please contact us! Studio RTP's team would love to share in your excitement!

eCommerce Development

An online store out of the box

Selling goods and services is often an important part of an online business. With Business Catalyst, we've got eCommerce capabilities built right into the platform, so that you can avoid the pain of custom coding and fiddly configuration.


Sell, Sell, Sell

Your organization can sell any product they like, complete with inventory management, product attributes, and size and weight for shipping. You can also upload eProducts and charge for downloads, limit download location and more.

Integration = Happier Clients

Your organization will appreciate the little things BC does to make your life easy. Do you need to make an email marketing list of all your recent big spenders? Our report generator will help you do it in moments. What about centralized orders and built in CRM? It's all there, straight out of the box, and you'll love us for it as much as we love cookies. And oh boy, do we love cookies.

Search Engine Friendly eCommerce for SEO

Search Engines love BC Online stores! Business Catalyst put special effort into making sure your organization can get found by search engines. BC Stores automatically generate a Google Sitemaps XML file, complete with paths to products and more. Also, all BC online shop URLs contain the product or catalog's name for greater SEO relevance.

Order Management Integrated with CRM

Every order created is linked to a customer record in BC's built in CRM system. This allows you to keep a complete history of customer orders, offer customer loyalty bonuses and run targeted email marketing campaigns to your beloved existing customers.

Powerful Analytics, Ready to Go

Your online store is an integral part of your business. That's why Business Catalyst built in reports on cart abandonment, product popularity, order volume and more, so that you and your organization can analyze and understand how your online store is performing - without adding tracking codes or extra coding.

Boost Sales with Discounts, Vouchers & Referrals.

How many Aces can you put up your sleeve? BC has them in spades. With sales tools like discount codes, gift vouchers, referral tracking and affiliates, we can help your online store boost profits and deliver greater bottom line results.

Import, Export, Migrate.

Do you already have a large product inventory sitting in a spreadsheet or in another platform? Not a problem - BC allows you to import products via a simple spreadsheet format, so you can get your organization started faster. And if you ever (sadly) want to leave BC - we provide an easy export format to make life easier on the way out, too.

Easy Billing and Shipping Integration

BC automatically integrates with a global range of popular payment gateways and shipping providers, so you can say goodbye to those late nights coding yet another check out process..

Automate Revenue Streams with Recurring Orders

As long as your Payment Gateway supports it, BC allows you to sell products that have a built in re-occurrence. That means if you client want to sell a subscription to some vitamins, or a weekly delivery of fruit and vegetables - BC has you covered.

Collect Donations and Service Payments with Web Forms

Not every online business sells products. Maybe you are a charity that wants to collect donations online, or perhaps you're a lawyer or accountant that simply needs to collect payments for your services. With BC, you can configure Web Forms to securely collect payments for almost anything that you may need.

Content Management

Flexible, hosted content management

Have complex CMS systems been causing you headaches? Had any plug-in induced fevers lately? Our one-stop approach to content management takes the hassle out of building, managing and hosting the first critical component of an online business - the website.


Save Time with Templates, Pages, and Modules

Save time, preserve consistency and avoid duplication with templates. Our template system is simple - put the page elements you want to reuse in the template, and wrap your pages in templates. Simple, yet powerful. When you're ready to add extra functionality, you simply layer your modules with a point and click approach.

Creative Freedom

You don't need to learn anything special to design websites on BC. Instead you simply design your HTML, then layer our modules into your design. At its core, BC works like web hosting - in fact if you wanted to design a whole website without using our modules and then FTP it up to our servers - it'd work just fine. And that just means you've got all the creative freedom you need.

SEO & BC - We're More Than Just Friends

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any online business, but good SEO starts with a system that supports good SEO practices. With BC, we've got the right features "baked in" - 301 redirects; SEO friendly URLs in our blogs, shopping cart, modules; customizable meta-tags; integration with Google's webmaster tools... it's all there.

Works With Familiar Tools in Familiar Ways

BC supports FTP to download and upload web pages, images, JavaScript, CSS, Flash and more. Dreamweaver users also get to use our fantastic Dreamweaver extension which plugs right into your workspace and puts the power of BC at your fingertips. Less time learning means more time doing.

Fool Proof Editing for Your Clients

Not that your organization is made up of fools, but let's face it - HTML is not normally your firm's specialty. That's why BC provides a simple and powerful in-context editing tool. Your organization see their website just as your customers do through a web browser, then you click the bits you want to edit. Easy.

Get Social with Blogs, Comments, Forums & RSS

Successful websites are easy to update and easy to engage with. With BC, your client can maintain multiple blogs; collect comments on posts, pages and products (and more); start up a forum and syndicate pretty much anything using RSS.

Content Holders

Sometimes when you design a site, you have some common elements that you want to re-use - but not all the time, so you can't put them in a template. BC's Content Holders take care of this by providing you with a way to centralize those common elements and re-use them on a page-by-page or template-by-template basis.

Secure Zones and Paid Memberships

Sometimes the best things in life aren't always free. In fact, your valuable content might only be for members that pay for the privilege to view it! BC's secure zone's modules, coupled with our recurring billing technology and web forms, allow you to build a "pay-wall" to protect your content and help you build recurring revenue streams.

Email Marketing

Reach a wide range of contacts using one of the most revolutionary marketing transitions of the 20th century.

Are you reluctant to use unsolicited email to contact new prospects? You should be. The last thing you want is irate people launching terrible 'flame campaigns' against you. Our advice is to not get involved with anything that smacks of spam. There's simply too much heat involved, and it further junks up the Internet.
~ Scott T. Smith, MarketSTART

Examples of custom email marketing designs

Understanding how to professionally and responsibly market via email marketing requires years of marketing, design, and web coding experience. Studio RTP has years of experience in implementing the latest coding standards, providing professional custom designs and email marketing templates that will work cross-browser and cross-platform. Reach your customer base using the latest in email technology with a design that carries your brand recognition.

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